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Moving Up the Ladder - The Harm of Hiding Yourself
Recorded: 7/29/2014
Duration: 17 Mins
At times in our careers we may cover up who we are or what makes us different than the next person. Perhaps there's a greater cost to doing this than...
You Do What? - I'm a Taxi Driver
Recorded: 7/29/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
Has it ever crossed your mind that being a taxi driver might be for you? Depending on where you live, taxis are often a necessity, and it's certainly...
Leadership is consistently a popular topic and an area that will always be important when it comes to business and employment. Blanche Williams, presi...
Moving Up the Ladder - The Truth Behind Titles
Recorded: 7/28/2014
Duration: 16 Mins
Michelle Tenzyk, president of East Tenth Group, sparked the idea for "The Truth Behind Our Titles," a movement she and a number of other professional...
Striking the balance between fashionable yet professional clothing in the office can be difficult. Although work ethic and motivation are often key co...
Life happens, and as a leader, manager, and employer it is important to understand what your responsibilities are when one of your employees informs y...
Job Search Guide - Error Free Resumes
Recorded: 7/24/2014
Duration: 16 Mins
Your resume is a tool…a vehicle that will take you where you want to go, which is why it is so important to have an error free resume. But after proof...
Regardless of how successful you may be, at some point you have (or will) face criticism and setbacks in your professional career. Mark Thompson, an e...
Community Concepts - Green Collar Jobs
Recorded: 7/23/2014
Duration: 16 Mins
The environment is a part of the community and it appears there are more jobs related to "green" endeavors, which some are terming green collar jobs....
The psychological health of one's workplace, and the varying factors that may contribute, can be a vitally important issue. To discuss a number of are...
I Want to Be a - Baker
Recorded: 7/23/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
Bakers make a variety of breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, pies, and confections, and they can work in several different environments, including indep...
Employment Notebook - How to Be Successful in HR
Recorded: 7/22/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
Human resources professionals come in all shapes and sizes…from generalists to specialists in compensation, compliance, and more. With so many options...
The LJNRadio Quad - Episode 60
Recorded: 7/22/2014
Duration: 29 Mins
The LJNRadio Quad features four of our hosts from LJNRadio, gathering to share their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on just about any employment-re...
Job Search Guide - Contemplating the Counter Offer
Recorded: 7/21/2014
Duration: 17 Mins
After a lengthy job search, you secure a great job offer. But, after informing your current manager of your decision to leave the company, he offers y...
In our technologically advanced world, the workplace could be anywhere you would like it to be. Many welcome the opportunity to work remotely, but the...
Hobby Lobby was decided under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) argued that for-profit c...
Employment Notebook - Optimal Hours With Your Manager
Recorded: 7/14/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
You'll find that most research shows a strong correlation between an employee's success and the effectiveness of his or her manager. Mark Murphy, foun...
I Want to Be a - Residence Life Coordinator
Recorded: 7/14/2014
Duration: 22 Mins
Responsible for the development and management of a residence hall or community, a Residence Life Coordinator focuses on creating an environment that...
Moving Up the Ladder - Networking at Work
Recorded: 7/14/2014
Duration: 16 Mins
When professionals network, they often look to do so outside of their organizations. However, networking with colleagues is just as important as netwo...
I Want to Be a - Massage Therapist
Recorded: 7/11/2014
Duration: 24 Mins
Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the soft-tissues of the body. With their touch, therapists relieve pain, rehabilitate in...
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