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Management Decisions - Marketing Trends to Use in 2015
Recorded: 1/15/2015
Duration: 15 Mins
The speed with which technology changes and impacts businesses cannot be overstated, and many companies need to catch up with their marketing efforts...
Classroom to Boardroom - Crafting Your Elevator Speech
Recorded: 1/12/2015
Duration: 12 Mins
Your elevator speech (a brief explanation of your career background and goals) can play an important role during the professional networking process....
Classroom to Boardroom - Finding a Mentor
Recorded: 1/10/2015
Duration: 12 Mins
During the college years, finding a mentor can be a valuable part of your learning process. Whether you’re looking for career advice, professional con...
Community Concepts - Female Leadership in the Workplace
Recorded: 1/8/2015
Duration: 18 Mins
As women continue to make their mark in the professional world, the topic of female workplace leadership is a highly discussed one. But what challenge...
From phone screenings to testing to in-person interviews, the hiring process for many companies has become a very detailed process. But has the comple...
Management Decisions - Employer Branding Vision
Recorded: 1/5/2015
Duration: 18 Mins
In looking to help out those in charge of their company's branding efforts, Tim Muma talks with Betsy Rowbottom about the key elements to implement wh...
Sharing all sorts of information on social media has become the norm, and it's important for companies to create strategies to ensure their content is...
Community Concepts - Disabled American Veterans
Recorded: 12/30/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a veteran’s advocacy and assistance group. DAV works to empower veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect a...
Employment Notebook - Bouncing Back After a Career Setback
Recorded: 12/30/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
Career setbacks such as lay-offs, re-organization of companies, working for an unsupportive manager, or even a lingering sense of discontent with your...
Technically Speaking - Career Strategies for Women in Tech
Recorded: 12/23/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
As the technology industry continues to grow, women who pursue a career path in this traditionally male-dominated field are facing new challenges on a...
Moving Up the Ladder - How to Ask for a Raise
Recorded: 12/21/2014
Duration: 11 Mins
Knowing how, and when, to ask for a raise can be a challenge. Should you ask during your performance review? What about after you successfully complet...
If you're going to land that first great position, you better know how to sell yourself on a resume. It's particularly challenging to convince employe...
One of the issues associated with college students transitioning to their careers is that there is a strong disconnect between the graduates and poten...
Classroom to Boardroom - The Value of a Mentor
Recorded: 12/12/2014
Duration: 11 Mins
One area many college students neglect is finding a career mentor to learn from and gain insight into a particular profession. Kristin Adler, assistan...
Moving Up the Ladder - Examining the Comedy Industry
Recorded: 12/10/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
We're taking a look at the comedy industry and examining the details of this unique community, and for those interested, what it takes to succeed. Mat...
We're giving you an inside look at Charles Schwab and how this highly-successful company handles their recruiting and hiring initiatives. Frank Hynes,...
Management Decisions - Leadership in a Creative Team
Recorded: 12/9/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
In looking to lead a creative team, there may be some particular strategies that are more effective than others when it comes to production. Amy Clime...
Classroom to Boardroom - Experience on the Resume
Recorded: 12/8/2014
Duration: 10 Mins
It's time to take a detailed look at the resume, paying particular attention to the experience section for college students trying to snag that first...
We're looking to gain some insight into the concern that today's college students are inadequately prepared to begin their careers. Breaking down some...
Moving Up the Ladder - Fake It Till You Feel It
Recorded: 12/8/2014
Duration: 14 Mins
Most people understand the role body language and facial expressions play in communication; however, there's a different perspective to think about. C...
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