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Technically Speaking - Digital Life Management
Recorded: 6/30/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
According to Clive Thimpson, Wired, every day we send 154.6 billion emails, more than 400 million tweets, and over 1 million blog posts. Even on an in...
Employment Notebook - Cultural Differences and Reputation
Recorded: 6/27/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
Diversity can mean many different things in the workplace, and sometimes co-workers don't recognize, understand or appreciate the subtle nuances acros...
Moving Up the Ladder - Running List of Accomplishments
Recorded: 6/27/2014
Duration: 16 Mins
How many times have you run into a situation where a colleague, the CEO or anyone else wanted to know about what you've been up to, and you freeze, un...
We've all experienced the uneasy, often stressful, pressure of being overwhelmed in our careers. In this episode, Tim Muma's guest hopes to bring the...
In today’s job market, almost nothing is off-limits, including strange job interview questions. The next time you’re sitting in an interview, don’t be...
Big-time companies like Amazon and Zappos have adopted a practice to pay their employees various sums of money if they wish to leave the organization....
Moving Up the Ladder - Dealing With Imposter Syndrome
Recorded: 6/25/2014
Duration: 13 Mins
Advancing in one's career is often a positive, exciting time for individuals. At the same time, it can lead some to suffer from "imposter syndrome" an...
The LJNRadio Quad - Episode 58
Recorded: 6/24/2014
Duration: 26 Mins
The LJNRadio Quad features four of our hosts from LJNRadio, gathering to share their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on just about any employment-re...
Employment Notebook - Getting Along With a Younger Boss
Recorded: 6/20/2014
Duration: 16 Mins
Many of our shows touch on the aspects of generational differences in the workplace, but one area of potential sensitivity occurs when a mature worker...
Job Search Guide - Panel Interview Guidance
Recorded: 6/20/2014
Duration: 17 Mins
The interview is the final step between you and the job you desire. However, many organizations have gone away from the one-on-one style of interview,...
Motivation is one of the top job candidate qualities that many employers seek when finding talent for their companies. But with days filled with deadl...
Management Decisions - How to Manage Volunteers
Recorded: 6/18/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
Many organizations depend on volunteers to keep their doors open; however, managing a volunteer can be different than managing a paid employee. Joan G...
Moving Up the Ladder - Managing Your Manager
Recorded: 6/18/2014
Duration: 15 Mins
It's often noted that the success of many individuals is contingent on the effectiveness of their manager. If that's truly the case, and studies say t...
Management Decisions - Exit Interviews
Recorded: 6/17/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
An exit interview takes place when an employee is leaving an organization, and they are meant to be a conversation between the employee and the employ...
Job Search Guide - Pre-Interview Prep: Doing Your Homework
Recorded: 6/16/2014
Duration: 16 Mins
Preparing for an interview can be a nerve-wracking but crucial part of the job search process. David Lewis, founder and CEO of OperationsInc, a human...
Job Search Guide - The Disadvantage of Interviewing First
Recorded: 6/12/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
When setting up a job interview, few individuals think about the implications of the timing of their interview. As a candidate, if you schedule your i...
Does your company have “employees” or people? Your employees are not only people, they are consumers, citizens, and promoters online and offline. Eric...
Moving Up the Ladder - Lies Harming Your Career
Recorded: 6/12/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
In many cases throughout our professional careers, we may actually be holding ourselves back. Theresa Sullivan, founder and certified life coach for W...
Utilizing the proper skill and tact in speaking up at work, particularly during meetings, can play a factor in expressing one's influence among co-wor...
What is an EEO-1 report, who has to file it, when does it have to be filed, and what confidentiality protections is the government required to observe...
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