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  What Are You Communicating To Your Employees? Can They Tell The Truth Without Fear?
by Yvonne Brown - Jun, 2009
I love my work. I love teaching others, watching as they connect the dots and surmize how smart they already are about the topic. So it was a revelation for me at a recent seminar when, while teaching how to tell the truth without fear, I learned that for some employees this is simply not possible. Telling the truth without fear I am always interested in the attendees response to the question "can you tell the truth wi...
  Understanding the Foundations of Supervision
by Mary G. White - Jun, 2009
It's impossible to underestimate just how important it is for managers to have a solid understanding of the nature of management. Whether you've been working as a supervisor for a while or if you're relatively new to having managerial responsibilities, it's essential to step back and look at what the foundations of supervision really are. Functions of Management There is a big difference between working as a line level em...
  Never Let Them See You Sweat
by Kesi Stribling - Mar, 2009
This article is devoted to a large band of us, the small business owners caught in the middle of a pressuring recession. With all of the decision-making, cutting costs, and keeping your businesses afloat, here is some sage advice that will help you in the long-run: never let your employees see you sweat. Now, I am not suggesting that you hide the state of affairs from your employees. Transparency, particularly during a roug...
  Communication Strategies for Uncertain Times
by Liz Bywater, PhD - Feb, 2009
Like millions of Americans - perhaps like you - I sat in front of the television on January 22nd, watching the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. I listened with rapt attention to the speech of the new Commander in Chief, eagerly awaiting words of strength, direction, and hope. While the President's stage was grand and his audience vast, his task was that of every leader facing uncertain times - to co...
  Every Firm Needs a Six-Month Check-up
by Alice Adams - Jan, 2009
Whether your firm is a multi-generational, family-owned funeral home or is corporately-owned, it needs – just like you and everyone you know – requires a regular, six-month check-up with a physician. Why do people go to a doctor when they’re not sick? To make sure all systems are on go – running efficiently…and that no bugs have crept in. The same is true with your firm. Whether your bottom-line numbers are barely at quota...
  How Do You Handle Complaints? I Thought So...
by Alice Adams - Jan, 2009
I don’t care how long you’ve been in the business or what a nice person you are. It doesn’t matter. Human nature causes all of us to have a problem when someone complains about us – what we didn’t do correctly…or what we did do that they didn’t like. So how do we handle these nasty intruders into our otherwise perfect, professional worlds? Cock-eyed optimists and some self-help gurus would say, “Look at every complaint a...
  The Best Way to Communicate in the Workplace
by Lindsey Pollak - Jan, 2009
Today's wireless world offers an endless array communication choices, giving businesses and individuals a myriad of efficient options to keep in touch with the rest of the world. But in many cases, the proliferation of choices has also blurred the rules of professional protocol. The way you choose to communicate at work has now become as important as what you say when you communicate. Check out this scenario: Kylie...
  When the Going Gets Tough
by Alice Adams - Jan, 2009
It’s possible we’ve yet to see the true depth of the current economic downturn or, as some would say, “the recession.” So, what are you doing to “recession-proof” your firm – and yourself? Here are a few suggestions you may want to consider: 1. Diversify. Whatever it is – don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you are investing, use more than one company. If you’ve been using one supplier, add several companies to...
  Business Owners, Don’t Just Survive In Today’s Economy, THRIVE!
by Bernadette Boas - Jan, 2009
Over the past few months, especially few weeks, everyone from politicians, bankers, the Fed, and your neighbor are spewing advice regarding the state of the economy, your stock portfolios, and your own wallets. Sell, stick it out, pull it out, stuff your mattress, and more. I often feel compelled to do the same, the difference however is, it comes with a bit of tough love. No one can or will deny that the evaporating stock...
  Business Planning to Success!
by Bernadette Boas - Jan, 2009
It never fails to surprise me. More like shock the daylight out of me. What is it? It is a business owner without a plan for his business. And, since I have absolutely no poker face, I am horrible at hiding my horror at the mere idea of it. I mean, if he or she got into a car to take a road trip from one city to another, they would certainly have a map (or a GPS). When they go to the grocery store, they bring their list...
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