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  Herd Mentality
by Nan S. Russell - Jul, 2008
Booths featuring products and services related to employee engagement, web-based delivery, global performance, and talent management were overflowing with conference attendees as I walked the trade show at a national conference where I was speaking. Just a few years ago the magnets were initiatives like total quality management, six sigma, diversity, work-life-balance, and customer driven. Every few years there are band wa...
  How to Avoid Employee Burnout
by Liz Bywater, PhD - Jun, 2008
While leafing through the New York Times last weekend, I came upon a disturbing article. Not surprising, I know. Today’s papers are filled with stories of death, destruction and general gloom and doom. This particular article was actually more subtle than all that. On some level, in fact, it was a tale of success. It was the story of a group of bright, motivated youngsters gearing up for college by taking advanced placement co...
  Why Should an HR Professional Think Like Marketer?
by Lizz Pellet - May, 2008
To increase the ROI of recruitment and retention. Why does HR need to think like a marketer, easy, marketers see the value chain from start to finish. Think about sales flyers or coupons you receive in the mail, or that “free” download via the Internet. They will most often have an event or incentive code that you need to enter in order to receive your free gift or discount. This is the tracking system marketing profession...
  Creating Happy Companies - Business Success Depends on Highly Motivated Employees
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Apr, 2008
Why do so many companies have uninspiring leaders and uninspired employees who plod along with little — or the wrong — motivation? Why are corporate decisions still being made for the short term, undermining morale and jeopardizing business success? The worst cases make headlines for their ethical misdeeds and corruption, and the damage is much greater than economic: There’s also a significant loss of public trust in both...
  Generation Y at Work
by Barbara Wulf, MS, CPCC - Apr, 2008
As of July 2005, there were nearly 78.2 million “baby boomers” – a population represented by people born between 1946 and 1964 – living in the United States, many of whom have now retired or are nearing retirement. With the swell of retirements, employers have been preparing for the next wave of workers to replace them. Enter, Generation Y. What do we know about Generation Y? How do employers motivate and retain Generation...
  Can Your Business Run Without You?
by Dr. Barton Goldsmith - Apr, 2008
If you don't take vacations or start new projects because you're afraid of what might go wrong when you're not around, it's a symptom of a serious business dysfunction. You have ineffective-manageritis. If your direct reports cannot sit in your chair and do your job, you haven't trained them properly. Think about it. If you have had to do damage control after taking some time away from the business, then some training of yo...
  Effective Hiring
by Dr. Barton Goldsmith - Apr, 2008
Hiring is an emotional process for everyone involved. Understanding a prospect’s emotional drives (as well as the interviewer’s) is key to finding and keeping the right people. Certain interview questions can illicit responses that will tell you how a person is feeling about themselves, your company, if they are team players, and how they will react under stress. The questions I like to ask may seem a bit cryptic, or even t...
  Developing Potential Leaders: A Succession Planning Solution
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Mar, 2008
CEO turnover has increased sharply in recent years. CEOs are failing sooner and falling harder, leaving companies in turmoil. At all levels, companies are short on quantity and quality of potential leaders. There’s something wrong with leadership development practices. Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in finding successors for top jobs — and worse, so many leaders fail shortly after landing their positions....
  The Fruits of Inclusion™: Creating a Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion Program
by Dr. Linda Burrs - Mar, 2008
The concept of the fruits of inclusion has been repeated throughout this workbook. This discussion deserves some additional attention as it is the essential factor to effectively making diversity work for everyone. We are all already diverse. What we don’t need is more diversity...what we need is to learn how to make our diversity succeed together and that comes through the work of inclusion. In order for inclusion to be a...
  Mindset – The Key to Executive Success
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Dec, 2007
Mindset shapes our mental world, influences our outlook, determines the scope of our goals, and ultimately sets us on a path of growth and fulfillment—or one of stagnation. Executive suites are filled with high achievers who boast high IQs and stellar accomplishments. Still, some stagnate, while others thrive and continue to shine. The mindset we develop over the years (heavily influenced by our parents and teachers) can...
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