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  Lonely at the Top: What Are You Going to Do About It?
by Suzanne Bates - Feb, 2010
I’m not one to preach when it comes to finding people to help me. Prior to launching my business ten years ago I was a television reporter so I didn’t make decisions that had an impact on other people. I was surrounded by people all day long, in the newsroom and on my assignments, so I certainly didn’t feel lonely. Once you start a business or get promoted to run something, everything changes. I would guess most leaders...
  Getting There
by Suzanne Bates - Feb, 2010
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao-tsu, Chinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC) A few weeks ago, I was having a heart to heart with a CEO needs to get out his office more often. He wants to become an ambassador for his company. More accurately, he knows he needs to. Like many bosses, he would rather stab himself repeatedly in the thigh with a sharp pencil than give a speech or interview to a...
  Been Burnt By a Bad Hire? 10 Red Flags For Interviewers
by Dawn Lennon - Feb, 2010
Trying to hire the right person can keep you up at night. Why? A bad hire can quickly turn employee harmony into raucous noise and tank confidence in you. If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll find it. If you don’t, oh well! The biggest mistake hiring managers make is not paying attention during the interview. Sounds incredible, right? Too often, interviewers are focused on themselves, specifically their: •...
  Career Management In The New Workplace
by Leslie B. Prager - Feb, 2010
The work world of today is dramatically different than the workplace was when I began my HR career back in 1980. Those were the days before the social media phenomenon, blackberries, the internet, virtual meetings, etc. The issues facing professionals today include the “new workplace”; fast-paced, on-demand staffing; a multi-generational, cross-cultural workforce; demographic trends such as the aging workforce and baby boomer...
  Three Steps To Sanity In Your Business!
by Bernadette Boas - Feb, 2010
Do you want to know what would bring real sanity and calm to you and your business, as well as generate energy, focus and confidence? Follow these 3 steps: 1. Commit to your success - you deserve it 2. Verbalize and write out your goals 3. No matter how small or large the task– define, document and execute the task in the same manner each time A great percentage of people do not truly believe deep down in side they de...
  Like Trump: We All Get To Hire and Fire - Your Life Is Your Business
by Dawn Lennon - Feb, 2010
There’s a lot of grousing out there about hiring. So when it’s our turn to hire, you’d think we’d be really good at it. After all, we’re hiring people all the time. Yes, hiring people to work for us. Our life is our business, remember? From the time we start living on our own, we’re hiring. Mostly, we hire temps or independent contractors. So, who are we hiring? • Personal service providers — hair stylists, manicur...
  Maximize the Time You Spend in THE ZONE - Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Day
by Andy Robinson - Jan, 2010
Feel cheated by disappearing time at work? Not getting to the really important things at work and at home? Do you feel like you're constantly "fighting fires?" Establishing and maintaining control over how you spend your time and what you spend your time on is an important element of career success. Staying in "THE ZONE" of highest impact, as illustrated below, is definitely where you want to spend the predominance of you...
  Executive Life - Making and Keeping Commitments
by Suzanne Bates - Jan, 2010
“Unless commitments are made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” -Peter Drucker Yesterday a client canceled an appointment. Big deal? Depends. Emergencies happen. But I can predict with 100% accuracy whether a client is floundering or flourishing simply by whether he or she keeps these commitments. The flounderers do not call me directly, they have their assistants do it; the conversation usually goes...
  Do You Foster Helplessness or a
by David Lee - Jan, 2010
In these rather challenging times, you need ALL of your employees thinking and acting like winners, not throwing up their hands in defeat or metaphorically curling up in the fetal position. How you communicate with them plays a huge role in which kind of workforce you get. Just recently, I heard two examples that illustrated opposite approaches to communication by senior management. One approach virtually guaranteeing wh...
  Leadership Accountability - Losing Control of Your Staff?
by Gary Cohen - Jan, 2010
Reader's Question: I am a sales manager for a business services firm in Minneapolis. I am responsible for all new business revenue for my company and I have 5 sales people that work for me. Of the 5 sales people only one is a star performer. The issue I am having is he breaks all the rules and creates really bad relationships with all the other people in the company. I am on the senior team and the rest of them are angry that...
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