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  You're Downsized - Now What?
by Dwain Celistan - Sep, 2008
Seven steps to take to get your next opportunity. In today's business environment, many people have been laid off, given early or forced retirement or been the casualty in a merger or acquisition. In addition, there are several persons have been terminated, "let go" or fired by their employer. You are not alone; this is and has happened to millions of Americans over the past several years. So the issue is less about "why...
  As If They Were You
by Nan S. Russell - Aug, 2008
"Treat everybody else as if they were you." These words gave me pause. I wonder what it would be like if we each did what this "unknown author" is advocating? Would she still have abandoned her station at the airport fast food restaurant to get a fork and share a pastry with her friend while her customers waited if she followed this adage? Would he still have sat by the window of the plane with his feet on the seat and kne...
  Teambuilding Makes Your Organization Stronger
by Mary G. White - Aug, 2008
What makes a group of people who work together function as a team? Just because people are employed by the same company does not mean that they see themselves as a team or that they engage in teamwork. It's a fact that working together is not the same thing as teamwork. It’s important for managers to understand the difference between the work of teams and the concept of teamwork. When the people who work for your organizati...
  The Business Results of Coaching
by Marshall Brown - Aug, 2008
Without a doubt, coaching is the hottest approach to enhancing the performance of the people in an enterprise—whether it’s teams of coaches working with managers in an association, Fortune 500 company, transition coaching for new C-level executive hires, or coaches working with the owners of small businesses or sole proprietorships. It is clear from the increasing acceptance and investment in coaching, among the broad spectrum...
  Stress Management for Optimum Performance (Part One)
by Liz Bywater, PhD - Aug, 2008
Stress. It's a fact of life for today's busy executives, managers, and independent business owners. And that isn't entirely a bad thing. After all, without some degree of stress, we might not have the motivation needed for getting things done. No pressures, no deadlines, no real urgency to act. On the other hand, too much stress can dampen performance in a big way. When pressure mounts to excess, even moderate demands can...
  Electronic Messaging - A Serial Killer of Business Communications?
by Eva Jenkins - Jul, 2008
We are living in a culture of miscommunication fostered by email, text messages, and IM’s and tolerated by corporate cultures threatens to rob workers of their ability to do business effectively with other human beings. As a consultant and professional coach, I feel that there are grave repercussions to today’s business communications arena where the need for speed routinely trumps the need for clarity. The main concern is...
  Herd Mentality
by Nan S. Russell - Jul, 2008
Booths featuring products and services related to employee engagement, web-based delivery, global performance, and talent management were overflowing with conference attendees as I walked the trade show at a national conference where I was speaking. Just a few years ago the magnets were initiatives like total quality management, six sigma, diversity, work-life-balance, and customer driven. Every few years there are band wa...
  How to Avoid Employee Burnout
by Liz Bywater, PhD - Jun, 2008
While leafing through the New York Times last weekend, I came upon a disturbing article. Not surprising, I know. Today’s papers are filled with stories of death, destruction and general gloom and doom. This particular article was actually more subtle than all that. On some level, in fact, it was a tale of success. It was the story of a group of bright, motivated youngsters gearing up for college by taking advanced placement co...
  Why Should an HR Professional Think Like Marketer?
by Lizz Pellet - May, 2008
To increase the ROI of recruitment and retention. Why does HR need to think like a marketer, easy, marketers see the value chain from start to finish. Think about sales flyers or coupons you receive in the mail, or that “free” download via the Internet. They will most often have an event or incentive code that you need to enter in order to receive your free gift or discount. This is the tracking system marketing profession...
  Creating Happy Companies - Business Success Depends on Highly Motivated Employees
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Apr, 2008
Why do so many companies have uninspiring leaders and uninspired employees who plod along with little — or the wrong — motivation? Why are corporate decisions still being made for the short term, undermining morale and jeopardizing business success? The worst cases make headlines for their ethical misdeeds and corruption, and the damage is much greater than economic: There’s also a significant loss of public trust in both...
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