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  Why Attend Professional Conferences?
by Wendy Enelow - Jan, 2010
No matter which profession conference you attend, always be crystal-clear about the value of conference participation and how you can optimize your results. 1. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. There's nothing better than learning new things that you can begin to use the minute you get back to your office. Bottom line, that's what conferences are intended to do - introduce you to new concepts, strategies, innovations, knowledge, c...
  Impress, Don’t Stress - 3 Do’s and Don’t’s When Networking!
by Bernadette Boas - Jan, 2010
When you set out to a networking event, do you realize what you are really setting out to accomplish? Do you set objectives and goals for the time, money and effort you are putting into networking? The purpose of networking is to identify potential: • Business Partners • Vendors and Service Providers • Gate Openers • Qualified Leads Networking events are NOT for you to: 1. Shove business cards in people’s hands...
  Social Networking or Socializing?
by Kris Plantrich - Jan, 2010
Social networking is vital in today’s job search. If a job seeker is not yet aware of the benefits of social networking, they may never be aware of their missed opportunities. The most utilized and effective networks today are LinkedIn and Facebook and now Twitter. They are invaluable for establishing relationships with targeted contacts. These networking sites are databases at your disposal for researching industries, loca...
  The Resume as Part of Your Social Media Job Search Campaign
by Rosa Elizabeth Vargas - Jan, 2010
Contrary to what you have heard, the resume still has its place in this web 2.0 world; despite interactive mediums, it's still a very crucial marketing tool and essential in launching your digital marketing campaign. What has occurred? Greatly due to the explosion of social media...job sourcing and job-seeker marketing has exponentially evolved. Consequently, the way in which you write and promote your self-marketing message m...
  The Top Ten LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Jan, 2010
This is a compilation of what we feel are the most productive, successful, and growing career groups on LinkedIn. These groups are designed for those on the hunt for a new career, new position, new company, or information related to career search. If you’re not utilizing LinkedIn groups you are missing out. If you are involved in some groups take a look at this list to evaluate if you’re getting the most from your LinkedIn exp...
  Sell What You Have
by Mary Jeanne Vincent - Jan, 2010
A recent Networking Roundtable for job seekers held at my office included a mix of people. There were those who kept bumping into the issue of “over qualified”, and felt that age was definitely an issue that was prolonging their job search. There was a recent university graduate and a community college student, both of whom lacked in the experience category and felt they missed out on jobs because they were “under qualif...
  Want To Be Recruited Through LinkedIn? Don't Make These Profile Errors
by Laura Smith-Proulx - Jan, 2010
LinkedIn, while a boon to recruiters and job hunters alike, has spawned some interesting practices in the name of the job search. If you’ve spent only a brief amount of time setting up your profile, your chances of being sought on LinkedIn for your expertise are quite remote — especially if it fails to represent your core brand value and or highlight achievements. However, you can take matters into your own hands to turn...
  A Case Against Multiple LinkedIn Profiles
by Joshua Waldman - Jan, 2010
In the last few days, I’ve been asked 3 times this same question: How can I use social media to promote multiple businesses/interests and also have a profile that is effective for job seeking? Someone said to me recently, “There are 14 million unemployed in America. That’s a lot of entrepreneurs!” There are people who have found their passion, or at least a business interest that they wouldn’t have had the freedom to...
  Stop Bad Career Habits
by Elizabeth Freedman - Jan, 2010
If 2010 is going to be your year, then get serious about fixing bad career and workplace habits that are dragging you down. Here are a few to think about: Bad Career Habit #1: Not Networking Let’s agree on one point – most of us would rather pull out our eyelashes than network. If you’re a networking champ, then skip this paragraph. Otherwise, consider the fact that one of the reasons you may avoid networking is si...
  Age of Connectedness - Collaboration is Your New Career Safety Net
by Dee McCrorey - Jan, 2010
In the new world of work collaboration is now more important to your career than ever before. How you learn to manage three key areas: People, Technology & Tools, and Decision-Making will differentiate you in business. Leveraging all three will not only keep you ahead of the curve at work, but will help you remain competitive in the ever-shifting marketplace. Collaboration and People If the "Great Recession" has taugh...
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