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  What Is The Best Way To Follow Up With A Job Lead?
by Miriam Salpeter - Jul, 2010
Sometimes, I receive questions via my contact form from people who are not interested in a quote for a resume transformation or coaching services. Some people just have a job search question and want an answer! Since I cannot respond to each inquiry individually, I decided to start answering some of the questions that are of general interest here. You are welcome to submit a question via my contact form, and please note that I...
  How to Communicate Across Generations
by Alexandra Levit - Jul, 2010
In every talk I give at a corporation or conference on intergenerational communication, someone raises their hand and says that people of different generations don’t vary in their styles and that it’s all in my head. If you’re tempted to think that, here are some examples of the types of remarks I’m always hearing: Born before 1945, they’re the loyalists, the ones who spent a lifetime at the company and expect to be reward...
  Career Courage - Learn to be Imperfect: Move Forward with Your Goals!
by Sharon Cohen - Jul, 2010
• Do you feel stuck, trapped and confused about your career direction? • Are you running out of career ideas and job postings to explore? • Keep blaming yourself for past decisions, and wondering what if? • Feel fearful about the future? Read on to learn about Adler's Psychological Theory of Courage. Get Unstuck! I loved learning about the psychological theories of Alfred Adler, while I was a Graduate student at the...
  Unpaid Internships: Foot in the Door or Stepping on a Landmine?
by Barbara Safani - Jul, 2010
I was recently interviewed by CBS news about unpaid internships. There was a time when the only people who sought out unpaid internships were students who wanted to gain valuable work experience and were willing to forgo a salary to get it. But in today’s economy, more and more adults with long career histories are considering taking an unpaid internship as a way to get a foot in the door, transition into a new industry, learn...
  Come to the Rescue or Let ‘Em Squirm? Your Call! The Value of Leadership Intervention
by Dawn Lennon - Jul, 2010
Ever been in a tight spot at work? Over your head? Out of your league? I sure have. Terrible thoughts start to take over: • I’ve lost all credibility. • My career is toast. • I’m going to hear about this. • This is my last shot. If we could yell, “HELP!” we would. But would anyone throw us a rope? “Hey, Boss, I’m over here.” If we’re lucky, we work around leaders who are willing to step forward when we’re in...
  Effective Resume Creativity
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Jul, 2010
Knowing what I do for a living, friends sometimes call me when they see particularly outstanding resumes—good or bad. This week I got a call from a friend who’s a hiring manager at a technology company. He received a resume that was so creative that they decided to interview the candidate immediately. This candidate had packaged her resume in a box about the size of a cookie container. The front of the box showed her nam...
  I’ve Got a LinkedIn Profile - Now What?
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Jul, 2010
If you’re currently searching for a job, Linkedin offers a free and easy way to create a presence for yourself online. While some people think of the site as simply another place to post their resumes, it offers many other career promotion tools as well. For example: Start a reading list LinkedIn is not a great place to advertise the trashy romance novel you read by the pool, but it does allow you to show professional...
  Presenting a Consistent Image During Your Job Search
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Jul, 2010
There’s an old adage in communication: “Tell the audience what you’re going to tell them, then tell them, and then tell them what you told them.” In other words, preview, present, and review. The objective of this communication strategy is to make sure your message gets across. While saying something five times may seem redundant to you, you can be sure that it will stick in the mind of your listener. The Preview: Your R...
  Resumes for Every Generation
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Jul, 2010
This past week I attended a presentation about Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers, and Millennials learning to communicate and work well together in the professional world. The speaker provided great tips for understanding each generation and how to effectively use their strengths to the best advantage. While the presentation focused on helping everyone work well together, I couldn’t help but think about the ramifications of wha...
  The Best Time to Write a Resume
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Jul, 2010
Imagine for a moment that you’ve just heard the dreaded words, “We’re going to have to let you go.” A lot of people have heard this phrase over the last several years, and most have probably reacted with some degree of panic: How am I going to pay my bills? Where am I going to go? What am I going to do? Obviously, this frame of mind is not a great launching point for your next job. Writing an effective resume and cover...
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