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  3 Ways to Capture Leadership Value in Your Executive Resume
by Laura Smith-Proulx - Jul, 2010
So you’ve written and re-written your executive resume, but it still doesn’t feel right to you? Maybe you’ve added metrics and detailed your career promotions, all to no avail. If so, it might be time to up your game—especially if you want to generate interviews. To create a powerful and effective leadership resume, you can find relief from using a concept called the S-T-A-R (Situation-Task-Action-Result) strategy. This...
  How to Close the Deal in a Job Interview
by Alexandra Levit - Jul, 2010
What do you do if you’re in the final round of the interview process and your last few minutes with the hiring manager? What can you say to seal the deal? Here are some ideas: Express enthusiasm about the position and appreciation for the time they’ve given you and the opportunity to interview. Reiterate the problems they’re looking for the new hire to solve, and summarize exactly what you’ll do to address them. Ask t...
  Only Five Interview Questions
by Ford R. Myers - Jul, 2010
Of all the subjects we cover in career management and job search, the one that seems to cause clients the most anxiety is INTERVIEWING. To ease my clients’ concerns, I often simplify the topic by reducing it to a handful of basic elements. When you boil it all down, job interviews are made-up of only five statements from the interviewer, which include four questions and one sentence. Sure, you’ll be asked more than five que...
  Your fork is not a shovel: Business etiquette for the 21st century
by Elizabeth Freedman - Jul, 2010
After attending many a business lunch, corporate event, dinner outing, and more under the guise of “work fun,” (raise your hand if you think that’s an oxymoron ) I feel compelled to write the following, rather obvious statement: Your Fork is not a Shovel. And while we’re on the subject, I might also mention that your knife is not a saw and that your napkin should not be waved around like you’re heading off to a bullfight late...
  5 Ways to Thrive During Your Career Transition
by Hallie Crawford - Jul, 2010
A lot of people are in transition these days. And bottom-line: Transition creates stress. Whether we’re in transition by choice or not, this stress can wreak havoc on our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. At this time in your life, more than ever, you need to pay attention to the effects of that stress and learn to take care of yourself when you’re in transition. Here are 5 great ways to get started: 1. Keep a care...
  A “Survivor” in the Corporate Jungle of Meetings
by Suzanne Bates - Jul, 2010
I used to be a devotee of the CBS show “Survivor.” It’s fascinating the way that human beings adapt and live through horrible, if contrived circumstances. In the corporate world, the equivalent of Survivor is the dreaded business meeting. You don’t have to be wearing a loin cloth and eating worms to feel like a contestant. Running from meeting to meeting, you must learn to outwit, outlast and outplay. Like travelers in a...
  Two More Job Search Frustrations
by Jason Stauffacher - Jul, 2010
This week, I’ll address two common job-search frustrations found in the hundreds of emails I’ve received this year from people across America Do either of these apply to you? Frustration #1: There just aren’t enough jobs out there to apply for. Solution: Let’s analyze this one … When I speak to job hunters, in seminars, by phone, or via email, I ask the same question: “How are you looking for jobs?” Almost invar...
  Three Keys to Sales Excellence
by Alexandra Levit - Jul, 2010
Even if you don’t have the word “sales” in your title, don’t be fooled into thinking this post isn’t for you. Everyone who works in business is a salesperson, whether you’re selling an actual product to a client or an idea to a team member. #1: Nail the Big Five Traits When I worked in the agency world, there were certain individuals who could always be counted on to bring in the big clients. My boss used to say that th...
  Interested In a New Career Path? Try These Steps to Get Started
by Beverly Jones - Jul, 2010
Chances are that you have a career switch in your future. Maybe changes in your professional field will force you to look for something new. Or maybe you will elect to step off the treadmill and find a career that is less stressful or more personally rewarding. Perhaps, like me, you’ll keep things interesting by reinventing your career several times. If you are beginning to think about a new career direction, but don’t know...
  It’s Scandalous! Leaders Who Don’t Lead - Taking Issue
by Dawn Lennon - Jul, 2010
Why does this happen? Career-minded people knock themselves out to achieve positions of leadership. But when they get there, they don’t lead or just get it very wrong. That’s the scandal! We expect our leaders to lead, not just sit in their offices waiting to be addressed as Your Leadness! Leadership isn’t a crown. There’s a big allure about “position power.” Why? Because it comes with more money, a better parking sp...
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