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  People Problems Afoot? Get the Words Out! Supervisors As Challenged Communicators
by Dawn Lennon - Jul, 2010
“I’m speechless!” Ever said that? It usually pops out when we’re given unexpected praise or are caught unaware. Being “speechless” is a problem when we’re expected to say exactly the right thing when something important is on the line. Keep your foot in your shoe. We rightly expect our bosses to be good communicators. We need them to solve problems and motivate us by saying the right things at the right time. Being...
  Jobseeker, Are You Interconnected & Plugged In?
by Julie Walraven - Jul, 2010
Today I spent the day in the hospital waiting while my husband, Bill, had outpatient surgery. Since I am not good at waiting, I packed plenty of work, books, my phone, and my laptop to keep me company while I waited. Interconnected I certainly wasn’t alone. The easily accessible wifi connected me with my e-mail and my Facebook status let my network know where I was and what was going on. I talked to clients via e-mail, t...
  Keywords And Resumes: Don’t Miss The Point
by Judi Perkins - Jul, 2010
Keywords. The very phrase is enough to freak job seekers out. “Does my resume have enough?” “Is there any such thing as too many?” “Should I change it for every ad?” Conventional wisdom says a resounding YES for the last question. Consequently, job seekers end up with multiple resumes. The average number is 4. This week I had someone come to me with 8. Absurd. (And they were all poorly done, too) Job seekers want to...
  Does Your Firm Suffer From OCD?
by Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D. - Jul, 2010
Are you performing proactive statistical analyses of your employment decisions? If you don’t perform these analyses, is it because you are afraid of what those analyses might show? If so, your firm may suffer from Organizational OCD. You won’t find Organizational OCD in the DSM-IV, and it’s not an official medical diagnosis. But it’s a problem I see all too often. OCD is an anxiety disorder in which a person has an unreason...
  Two Old Ways to Find a New Job
by Kevin Donlin - Jul, 2010
You think it’s tough to find a job now? It’s been tougher. Like in the Great Depression of the 1930s, for example. Try to imagine a world without Twitter or Facebook, when the unemployment rate ranged from 14.3% to 24.9% (1931 to 1938). Would you be interested in learning two ways to find that worked back then -- and still work now? Here they are... 1) Appeal to the self-interest of the employer In the boo...
  Tips to Avoid the Summer Job Search Meltdown
by Anne Jabusch - Jul, 2010
It's very easy to get distracted by the sun, hot weather and seemly endless summer events. Smart job seekers know that finding employment is a full-time job, and while you can give yourself a "mini-vacation" for a day or two, you need to remain dedicated. Here are a few tips to keep your search strong in the summer months: Network, network, network: You don't have to be at an organized networking event to meet new people. T...
  Successful Job Search Strategies For Mature Workers
by Ford R. Myers - Jul, 2010
On July 2, 2010, ran an interesting article about older job candidates. Click here to read the article. It stated that “Companies are starting to hire again, but many are turning their backs on older job seekers.” The piece went on to say, “The nationwide unemployment rate for older workers – while lower than that of younger workers – has barely moved since hitting a record high of 7.2% in December of 2009. This r...
  The Language of Commitment
by Suzanne Bates - Jul, 2010
"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but no plans." - Peter Drucker A few years ago a client of our firm who had just wrapped up a three hour coaching session was walking out the door of our office. Don't forget to e-mail it to me by Friday,I overheard the coach say. Gee I don't know when I'm going to do it, I'm so busy this week, but I will try to get it to you,replied the client. What do y...
  Keys to Strengthening Buy-in, Trust and Team Coordination in a Generationally-Culturally Diverse (Military) Workforce
by Mark Gorkin - Jul, 2010
I'm preparing for a major offsite event with the Command Teams of the 1st Cavalry/Ft. Hood, TX. I've been asked to explore new (for me) conceptual territory -- Generational Diversity. More specifically, the Army wants me to provide some fresh ideas and exercises for "Communicating with the Younger Soldier." To oversimplify matters: how can the predominant generations in authority -- the Traditionals and Boomers -- connect wi...
  Is Everyone Instinctively Competitive?
by Julie Walraven - Jul, 2010
Meet Beau and Titan, the visiting Newfoundland puppies who come to be socialized with Teddy, our German Shepherd. Beau and Titan belong to Lee, a friend of my sons, and his dad. Titan is Lee’s and Beau is his dad’s puppy. At 10 weeks old, they compete to get the same toys. Even when I give them identical toys, they fight to get the one the other one has. Lee insists that Titan is the alpha male but I see Beau (red collar) s...
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