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  The Daunting Task of Recordkeeping in Today’s Compliance Environment
by Chris Lindholm - Aug, 2012
Recruitment and hiring processes are changing, and they are changing fast. Similar to how fast the internet changed public lives in the 1990’s, elaborate internet tools such as social media, job boards, online diversity associations and job posting requirements are changing the lives of recruiters and Federal contractors right now. In turn, contractors have a lot of questions about how to keep pace with their recordkeepin...
  The Fox OFCCP Report
by John Fox, Esq. - Aug, 2012
August 2012 The Strange Case of Hawaii and Puerto Rico: Or, Where to Affirmative Action? By convention and practice (not by Executive Order, statute, regulation or guideline), OFCCP has never required covered federal contractors and subcontractors to prepare Affirmative Action Plans for minorities for their establishments in Hawaii or Puerto Rico. OFCCP has nonetheless always require...
  The Inherent Flaws in Availability Analyses
by Bill Osterndorf - Aug, 2012
From the advent of the eight-factor analysis, availability analyses have been a central part of all federal affirmative action plans. The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) changed from an eight-factor analysis to a two-factor analysis (i.e. an analysis examining only external populations and internal populations that may be able to enter jobs) more than ten years ago. However,...
  Using Tests in the Employment Process
by Sandra Zeigler, Esq. - Aug, 2012
What is a test? While we commonly think of tests as either a series of questions to be answered and scored or a set of actions to be performed and scored, from the EEO perspective, the definition of test is much broader. Any part of a selection procedure where candidates are considered and some are chosen, while others are not, is subject to the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP) (41 CFR 60-3) and, f...
  What To Wear To Your Next Big Meeting
by Robin Fisher Roffer - Aug, 2012
Research proves that 65% of all communication is visual. What are your clothes saying about your personal brand? I’m off to New York this week to land a major piece of business, meet with my agent to deliver my latest book and give a speech to career professionals. I’m completely prepared to “wow” everyone I’m seeing with the content I’ve created, but without looking the part of “World-Class Brand Strategist,” no one will...
  Be careful at work: your boss may be watching
by Miriam Salpeter - Aug, 2012
Whether or not you realize it, your company may be monitoring what you are doing on your work computer. Even if you think certain personal Web surfing or emails are innocent, if you’re on a company-owned machine or network, that activity may be grounds for dismissal. Especially in this economy, where some employers are looking for reasons to pare down their headcount, you’ll want to understand how and why organizations may be...
  Can YOU land a job if you are pregnant?
by Miriam Salpeter - Aug, 2012
What happens when you’re looking for a job — pregnant? It’s old news now: Marissa Mayer, an executive who has been climbing the corporate ladder at Google was just named as Yahoo’s new chief executive. What seems to be even bigger news: she is pregnant (it’s a boy) and due October 7th. Reports indicate that she let Yahoo’s board know about her pregnancy at the end of June; they first contacted her to discuss the position on Ju...
  How do you define success for your career journey?
by Hallie Crawford - Aug, 2012
I was talking with my career coaching client Janelle this week and she reminded me of this important advice I wanted to share with you. She’s been resistant throughout our coaching process to ask for help in her career journey. We realized this week why that is and what she needs to do about it. You see, Janelle defines success and strength as being able to do everything on her own, without help from others. I challenged her t...
  How to Nail That Promotion You're Seeking
by Miriam Salpeter - Aug, 2012
Job-seekers and employees acknowledged as being unique and distinct have better chances of landing jobs and are more likely to excel in the workplace. This is an idea touched on in Mike Junge's first book, Purple Squirrel. Junge, a leadership recruiter at Google, titled his book based on the term recruiters use to identify their ideal hires—people so unusual, they are as hard to find as a purple squirrel. His book addresses ho...
  Increase Your Income without Getting a New Job
by Alexandra Levit - Aug, 2012
When you’re underpaid or not earning enough money for some other reason, a common solution is to find a new job. Yet, this still isn’t totally practical given the job market’s slow recovery. Until things improve significantly, you may well be stuck where you are. However, this does not mean you’re helpless. I asked Laura Vanderkam, author of the new book All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Ge...
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