Resumes for People with Long Careers at One Company: Part II
Some people feel that a long career at one company is a drawback, revealing a lack of initiative. However, that loyalty to one company shows not only your commitment to your employer but also your employer’s recognition of your value over the long term. Your resume should demonstrate how your long career at one company will benefit another company. How do you do that?

Step 1. Remember what your current company looked like when you first joined. Compare that original company to the company you are working in now. Great changes will have occurred in the size of the company, the approach to the marketplace, the products and services offered. Describe those changes. What was your role in the positive changes?

Step 2. Gather information from your performance reviews and your current manager at the company. What qualities have your bosses appreciated most about you over the years? Are there testimonials in the comments section of your review that you could use and is your current manager willing to give you a testimonial or referral? I like to recommend that everyone keep track of their career in a “brag file” that lists salaries, supervisors’ names and phone numbers, evaluations, awards, transcripts, training certificates, letters of appreciation, promotions, accomplishments as they occur, job responsibilities, and keywords.

Step 3. Make a list of your previous positions at the company, describing what you liked most about the position and what you accomplished. If your title did not change, break your career up into 5-year blocks and write down the highlights of each block.

Step 4. Consider the job you want. Where is it different from and where is it the same as the job you have now? If there are big differences, how have you prepared to tackle the job you want? Have you acquired skills or education that you do not use in your current job? Are you looking for less responsibility or more?

The information you have gathered in Steps 1 through 4 will translate into a resume that is a powerful testimony to your growth and the company’s growth over the years you have worked there. It will showcase your long-term value to potential employers.