Bob Maher, CMF

Bob Maher, CMF

Career Management Consultant, Maher Associates
Robert J. Maher, CMF, has been in the career services field since 1980…mostly as an independent since 1983. Bob has provided services or spoken to audiences in most major metropolitan areas of the US, and several in Canada and the UK. He has served a very broad-based and diverse clientele over the years with a solid reputation for effective group facilitation, one-on-one coaching, marketing support and consultation at all levels, including executive.

Much of his 'body of experience' has been in the Corporate sponsored, OUTPLACEMENT SERVICES area. Bob served as Vice President of Consulting Operations for OPTIMANCE during the implementation of a large scale, three year project - the largest ever undertaken by a non-national firm. Additionally, he has participated in Corporate CAREER DEVELOPMENT centers for AT&T and Mobil Oil in Dallas. To serve the public and offer 'direct pay' services to individuals, Bob offers a FREE PUBLIC WORKSHOP, weekly in Addison, TX (For information, GO TO the LinkedIn Group: DFWCareerpilot) and is available to individuals on a referral basis.

He is on the Founder's Council of The Association of Career Professionals International (founded in 1989), currently serving as President of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter, Bob was awarded the Association's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by the ACP International in 2006.

With the advent of the Internet age, Bob served as President of the E Chapter, first of its kind, virtual Chapter, receiving the Association’s Leadership Award in 1995. He is focused on technology applications as a resource in both career transition and electronic recruitment services, often assisting his clientele with their personal development of technical skills.

Bob served on the Professional Development Committee that conceived of and developed what has become our Profession's credentialing body, the ICC International, now the only international and independent credentialing body for the career services profession. He was one of the first in Texas to be awarded his CMF certification. He currently serves The ICC International as a reviewer of applicant portfolios.

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