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American Red Cross Blood Services

The Mid-America Division is one of 7 Blood Services divisons in the National Red Cross system. One of the strengths of this network is that blood shortages in one area can be supported by blood collected elsewhere. Every day, thanks to volunteers who donate over 6.5 million units of blood annually, Blood Services helps save lives in thousands of communities.

Even so, the need for blood is growing faster than the supply. More blood donors are needed, and current donors are asked to give more often, to help ensure that the right blood gets to the right patient at the right time.

For over half a century, the Red Cross has delivered high-quality blood components and related services to local health care communities. This integrated system benefits hospitals and patients by providing a wide variety of the safest possible products and services.

The Mid-America Division of the Red Cross collects blood in Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois & Kentucky. The blood is processed at our blood centers throughout the divison and distributed to our regional hospitals and others in the National Red Cross system.
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American Red Cross
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