What are QR Codes and How Can They Help Your Job Search?
I’m always on the prowl for new tools to help market my clients effectively. A leading-edge marketing strategy can help differentiate you in a crowded market and get your phone to ring more frequently.

Lately I’ve been fascinated with the growing use of the QR code. QR (quick response) codes are currently one of the hottest trends in marketing. They’re popping up everywhere, including product packaging, business cards, signs, art and all types of advertising collateral. They can be scanned by virtually all smartphones and tablet devices, including iPads and Android tablets.

QR codes contain embedded data; they work similarly to UPC bar codes, but instead of just 12 numbers, they can contain thousands of data points, including letters and numbers. Users scan QR codes – usually with a mobile device – and are directed to additional information online.

So why should job seekers care about QR codes? I recently spoke to James Alexander, CEO of Vizibility to learn more about the value of a QR code in a search campaign.

Why should job seekers care about QR codes?

Over 85% of executive recruiters report that they Google job candidates. Only about 12% the returned search results are relevant. QR codes can be added to a résumé to direct readers to the relevant information, which helps job seekers make a great first impression. A Vizibility QR code can take users to a mobile-optimized website that displays curated online identity information, including verified Google search results, biographical data, an online portfolio, videos or other information the job seeker selects.

Job seekers who use a QR code on a résumé can stand out from the crowd and position themselves as tech-savvy, which is always important but even more crucial in a tough job market. QR codes also allow job seekers to condense the amount of information on their documents while providing readers a link to additional data online, which can be updated as necessary.

How can entrepreneurs and consultants leverage QR codes to get more business?

Today, about half of all online searches originate on mobile devices. QR codes can be part of an effective lead generation strategy, helping entrepreneurs and consultants capture new business by providing a mobile-optimized gateway to additional sales and marketing information.

QR codes can also allow entrepreneurs and consultants to proactively manage their online identities, making it easy for clients and prospects to access verified Google results, hand-picked online professional profiles, mobile business cards and more.

How can Vizibility help clients create strategic and optimized QR codes?

Vizibility provides a comprehensive online identity management platform for individuals and professional services companies. We offer clients an easy way to curate, organize and share individual online and company identities with QR codes, SearchMeTM buttons and links. We make it simple for companies to manage multiple identities and track results.

How else will QR codes be used in job search?

This year, we launched the first-ever mobile version of our online identity management platform. It includes CommonConnections, a new service that integrates QR codes with popular social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Our patent-pending “social network connection pre-authorization” technology allows users to embed their social graphs into their personal Vizibility QR codes.

This feature is important because it empowers users to explore real-life connections with new acquaintances instantaneously via their mobile devices. When a user makes a new business or personal connection, instead searching for common connections after the fact, users can exchange social graphs via personalized Vizibility QR codes, discovering common acquaintances and interests immediately. This can take conversations in a different direction and bring networking to a new level.