Staying Mentally Focused
The Triad’s first quarter, 2010, hiring outlook is not encouraging. Similar forecasts abound throughout the nation. What’s a job hunter to do?

First, maintain a positive attitude, particularly when in an interview. Allowing frustration and desperation to seep through doesn’t help your cause. And while the media preaches gloom and doom, remember it only takes one qualified yes to end your journey.

Just as salesmen can get deflated by hearing “no,” job hunters can find themselves battling self doubt and perhaps depression as they are turned away. Bear in mind the rejection isn’t typically directed at you personally. I realize that’s sometimes of little consolation, but it’s the truth.

Second, stay focused on your “big” goal (a good job) by consistently doing the “little” things well. This means diligently maintaining and building your personal network, scouring job boards, sending thank you cards or emails, and “getting out of the house” to social or other events. Treat your job hunt as a full time job.

A past employer and big baseball fan once told me one thing which kept him motivated in his sales role was seeing the singles and doubles he’d hit. Sure, the occasional home run was satisfying, but his seeing progress...albeit sometimes only incremental progress...kept him mentally in the game. He stayed focused by continuing to do the little things, knowing those little things would lead to more substantial results. Good advice.