Executive Job Search Strategy: Step 3 - Identify Your Target Companies
A step that is often overlooked in the executive job search process is developing a list of target companies. Many executive candidates will have a job search strategy that is dependent on the available positions listed on various career and recruiter-based websites.

The flaw with that passive strategy is that you are forced to compete with thousands and thousands of other candidates through an online application system with minimal human contact and very little opportunity for follow up.

Wouldn't it be easier and a lot more direct if you can identify 15-25 main companies that you know hire executive candidates with your background and qualifications?

Regardless of whether the company is hiring at the moment, through online and offline networking tools/events, you can build relationships that can give you firsthand knowledge and insight on the company's future hiring needs.

In the end, the elusive "hidden" job market that everyone is looking for simply requires engaging a proactive, laser-focused job search strategy that puts you in the driver's seat and in front of key decision makers long before their openings are advertised to the masses.

Get a step ahead of your competition and maximize these free online and print resources to help you learn more about your target companies and narrow down your job search.

Online Resources


Great resource for learning more on public companies; also have some limited information on private companies.


Online portal to valuable insight, current news, research, and key contacts for more 50,000 public and private companies.


Home to vast collection of free public records for companies and main industries in the US.


Solid tool based on Forbes Magazine's company research on the largest public companies and private companies.

Print Resources & Publications (available at your local library)

* Million Dollar Directory (Dun & Bradstreet)
* Standard and Poor's Register of Corporations
* Adams Job Bank
* Ward's Business Directory of Private And Public Companies
* American Business Disc