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    Minding Your P's and Q's - Salary Negotiation Nuggets
by Stefanie Lomax and Tim Muma - Jan, 2013
Negotiating a salary can be a tense, anxious and uncomfortable situation for job seekers. Employers also may experience some apprehensiveness, especially if they're in a desperate situation to hire, truly want a particular candidate or end up dealing with a difficult individual. Stefanie Lomax, Director of Human Resources at Rolyn, clarifies some aspects of the negotiation discussion, giving Tim Muma us an inside look from bot...
    Nobody's Perfect - Women's Role in Gender Segregation (Pt. 1)
by Matthew Bidwell, Tim Muma and Lynn Molitor - Oct, 2012
While differences between men and women in job offers, pay and overall employment considerations has long been a hot issue, the concern and research often focuses on the employers. However, recent research also indicates a certain limitation that women either put on themselves or perceive when looking into a career or applying for a job. Ph.D. Matthew Bidwell, professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Bus...
  “What are your salary requirements?” Here’s how to answer.
by Louise Fletcher - May, 2014
Most careers experts will tell you to never reveal your salary requirements in an interview or when responding to an ad. Like a lot of career advice, this is fine in theory but almost impossible in practice. When the job posting states that you must give your salary requirements, or when the interviewer asks you directly, what are you supposed to say? “I’m sorry but I don’t want to answer that question” will probably not go...
  Negotiating an Executive Level Salary
by Lisa Rangel - Apr, 2014
You got your foot in the door of that executive level position you were eyeing, you nailed the interview, and you’ve been told that you’re at the top of the list of qualifying candidates. Congrats! Then, the interviewer asks that dreaded question, “What kind of compensation are you looking for?” Most job hunters tend to freeze up here, but for execs it can be particularly frightening. Big positions tend to equal big mo...
  Salary Negotiation Trends
by Georgia Adamson - Feb, 2014
It used to be that we said, “The first person who mentions a number [for salary] loses.” Is that still true today? Not according to Liz Ryan, whose article on Forbes titled “How to Negotiate A Job Offer” labels that advice as old-school thinking–true maybe as recently as 1995 but not anymore. As Ryan says, “For the most part, job offers today are surprising on the low side, if they’re surprising at all. Once a lowball offe...
  Executive Compensation Packages—Are you Negotiating Everything?
by Louise Garver - Jan, 2014
Knowing how to negotiate and maximize your compensation is critical to getting what you’re worth going into a new position. Do you know what to negotiate beyond the base salary? The standard benefits that most executives negotiate besides salary are health care coverage, life insurance, retirement savings, and vacation. Consider these additional benefits that could be part of the negotiations conversation. Flex-time....
  Salary Negotiation Advice: Timing is Everything When Negotiating the Best Deal
by Paul Freiberger - Jan, 2014
Salary negotiation: when should you do it? To every thing, there is a season. The aphorism applies to matters both great and small and there is a right time and a wrong time for even the most mundane act. If Ecclesiastes were written today, this nugget of wisdom might be expressed differently, but it is not too great a stretch to apply it to the stages of the job search, including negotiating your salary and negotiating you...
  The Art of Salary Negotiation
by Shun McGhee - Nov, 2013
Upon graduating college and returning to the D.C. area from Baltimore, my older brother inquired about the types of jobs for which I was looking. After satisfying his curiosity, he then asked me what my salary requirements were, to which I responded by saying I would not being applying for any positions offering less than 35-40 thousand dollars per year. He responded by laughing hysterically. It was not that what I had said wa...
  How Low Can You Go?
by Harry Urschel - Oct, 2013
Two conversations I’ve had with job seekers recently helped me to consider another aspect of salary negotiations. I’ve written on the topic before in: Always Ask For More… Right? There you will find a great deal of practical advice on how to land where you'd like to land. However, what do you do when an offer comes in extremely low compared to expectations? What options do you have? Here are some observat...
  6 Dos and Don'ts of How to Handle Salary Expectations
by Louise Garver - Oct, 2013
Salary negotiations tops the list of interview fears because executives don't want to lose money by not negotiating high enough or lose the job because they tried to negotiate the salary too high. It is important to prepare for salary questions and formulate responses that will answer just about any questions that surface regarding salary. 1. Research. You probably have a pretty good idea of what a particular position wil...
  The dreaded compensation conversation: When is it time to suck it up regarding salary?
by Hallie Crawford - Sep, 2013
I was excited to be interviewed for a recent article about the compensation conversation. I always get questions about compensation from my clients who are in career transition and wanting to know for their career planning purposes – “Am I going to have to take a cut in salary to move into my dream job?” First, a couple of notes about discussing compensation during the interview process. I spoke with a career coaching clie...
  What Every Job Seeker Should Know When Negotiating A Salary
by Michelle Dumas - Aug, 2013
Look! It's the job you want! It's perfect! The work you'll be doing, the reputation of the company, the title, location, everything! Wait, what? Not everything? The salary isn't quite what you were hoping? Well, this scenario is commonly faced by job seekers and here's some advice on what to do about it. Nothing personal. No, really, don't refer to anything personal. Not your personal needs, not what your per...
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