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    I Want to Be a - Baseball Play-by-Play Announcer
by Joe Block and Tim Muma - Sep, 2014
The individuals who bring baseball fans the action often become part of their soundtrack of the summer, painting a picture of the game while fans go about their business. Joe Block, radio play-by-play man for the Milwaukee Brewers, tells Tim Muma about the road to becoming one of the few radio voices in Major League Baseball. With just 30 teams at the highest level, competition is fierce and the sacrifices are many, but Joe wo...
    You Do What? - I'm an Illusionist
by Adam Trent and Tim Muma - Sep, 2014
Illusionists (or magicians) have found some mainstream success in the entertainment world, but some may still view it as an interesting and odd choice for a career. Adam Trent is known as the Futurist as part of a group of seven of the most talented illusionists from around the world, performing together around the glove in The Illusionists - Witness the Impossible. Adam explains to Tim Muma how you can work your way into the...
    Moving Up the Ladder - Illustrator Jason Seiler: His Career, the Pope and the TIME Magazine Cover
by Jason Seiler and Tim Muma - Feb, 2014
Jason Seiler has been creating art since he was a kid, and his talent and passion has led to a fulfilling career as an illustrator. His work has been seen in countless publications and on covers across the world. However, the most-widely seen illustration came recently as his depiction of Pope Francis graced the cover of TIME Magazine. It wasn't just any cover - it was the 2013 Person of the Year cover. Tim Muma talks with Jas...
    I Want to Be a - Radio Play-by-Play Announcer (Pt. 1)
by Ted Davis and Tim Muma - Dec, 2013
Ted Davis is the radio play-by-play voice for the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks. He's enjoying his 41st year overall in broadcasting, a profession he jumped into at the age of 17. Ted sits down with Tim Muma to discuss his own career path and the keys to being a great radio play-by-play announcer. He also shares some of his more memorable experiences and people from throughout his career. Children and even some adults fantasize abo...
  Is a Fundraising Career Right for You?
by Randall Olson - Mar, 2008
Is it important to you that the work you pursue makes positive contributions to society and people in need? Do you like the idea of helping a worthy cause raise the money it needs to provide valuable services in your community or to a larger service area? If so, a fundraising career might be a perfect choice for you. Who Hires Fundraising Professionals? Many different types of nonprofit organizations hire people to work i...
  For Creative People: How to Develop Your Career
by Debbie Brown - May, 2007
"If you're a truly creative person, you know that feeling insecure and lonely is par for the course. You can't have it both ways: you can't be creative, and conform too. You have to recognize that what makes you different also makes you creative." - Arno Penzias in Fast Company In my work with attorneys, MBA's, entrepreneurs and other creative professionals, I often watch people struggle with the need to conform to other p...
  Vote for the Arts
by Rebecca Ryan - Apr, 2004
Last month, I talked about the connection between Noodling and Doodling, that human development is economic development. This week I want to make the case for the arts and the important role they play in the life and death of cities. This year, I have the privilege of helping Milwaukee’s United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) raise over nine million. Piece of cake. Why? Because in Milwaukee, young professionals, entrepreneurs,...
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