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  How to Best describe the Objective in your Resume
by Shweta Khare - Nov, 2013
First impressions must make an impact, to be precise, to show respect and to be courteous is what it takes to make a pleasant and lasting one. You might be able to do it in person but how good are you on it at writing – and especially when you are applying for a job your resume and cover letter are the ones that make this special first impression. And of course to make that impact, be sure to polish your objective and that...
  The Roadblocks to Working from Home
by Shweta Khare - Jun, 2010
No matter how sane and sound advice you receive on working from home the roadblocks are ever present and often times tough to navigate. An effective work-from-home routine depends on how well you manage to navigate past these obstacles and eventually work toward eliminating some of them. Child care Dilemma If you have young kids at home it is best to have them at school or under child care when working from home, it is e...
  Four Secrets Of Grabbing The Recruiter’s Attention In Your Cover Letter
by Shweta Khare - May, 2010
With hundreds and thousands of resumes being submitted for one single job opening, the only way you can make the recruiter open your resume is by having a smart and unique cover letter (and of course the other way is when you have a direct reach to the hiring managers). Remember that the employers are seeking the best candidate for their offered job description and it is to you how you can make yourself stand out. Here are the...
  How Better Presentation Skills Can Get You Ahead In Your Career
by Shweta Khare - Apr, 2010
When are you making a presentation at your workplace? At the seminars, meetings, expos, sales presentations? Think again, presenting is much more diverse and is an inherent part of today’s workplace. Not only in a meeting but when putting up a proposal on why you must expect a pay increase this year, discussing your performance reviews or trying to move on to a more satisfying project, you are using your presentation skills to...
  Three Ways To Eliminate The Core Reasons of Stress During Job Search
by Shweta Khare - Apr, 2010
Identifying the core reasons for stress during job search is the first step towards eliminating them. Can you answer this question honestly? What are you worried about the most and how can you eliminate the core reasons for your stress? The three core stressors during a long-term job search are: • Financial pressure • The fear of social gatherings • Self pity and self loathing Take Care of your Financial Health...
  Why Do We Don’t Do What We WANT To Do
by Shweta Khare - Apr, 2010
There is so much we want to do there is so much we need to do, though simple words are they need and want often forces us on different paths; it does not a matter if we like it or not. We often don’t do what we want to do because of the various hurdles that we have or we make in our lives. But whatever this discussion comes to it is safe to say that it is easy to do what we want to do if we take care of the “need” first. Re...
  The ABCs of Success at Work
by Shweta Khare - Mar, 2010
Here are the ABCs of success at work – this is how I make the best of work at my workplace! A Attitude – When I wear my confident-happy-attitude at work; that is who I am that day. When I wear my ‘can-do-anything’ and ‘I-am-Successful-at-what-I-do’ attitude; that is who I am that day. I am always aware of the fact that my attitude defines who I am. My attitude at work and towards work has helped me make my workdays a ple...
  How To Advertise and Promote Your Business
by Shweta Khare - Mar, 2010
If you are looking for different options to advertise and to promote your business and want to narrow down on the best options for your particular needs, then this article will help you in finding out the different ways to advertise online and how feasible it is to your budget and business needs. Although the article focuses primarily on the internet listings, the traditional personal approach of postcards and mailers should n...
  The Good and the Bad of Email Marketing
by Shweta Khare - Mar, 2010
What marketing strategies do you use to promote your business? If you have not tried email marketing as an option, then this article is definitely for you – to help you understand what E-marketing is about and also to get a list of resources to get going on it. The Good One of the major pros of email marketing is that is cheap and effective (cheaper than direct mailing and effective in reducing the time to reach out to t...
  Five Steps to Deal with Boring Work
by Shweta Khare - Feb, 2010
If you are bored at work and have done nothing about it, perhaps this article will get you up and working on how to get out of it right now – You really can be bored to death, researchers say. According to the report: “Those who reported they had been very bored were two and a half times more likely to die of a heart problem than those who hadn’t reported being bored,” AP reports and cites comments from cardiologist Chri...
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